& when you kiss me the whole world melts away

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We must have one love, one great love in our life, since it gives us an alibi for all the moments when we are filled with despair. Albert Camus, Notebooks 1935-1942 (via feellng)

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Golden Grahams S’mores Bars


I love marshmallow-based cereal bars like rice krispie treats because it reminds me of summer family road trips. Growing up, my family would take mini weekend trips to northern Minnesota or Wisconsin Dells. While the resorts, campgrounds, and destinations were different each time, there was one thing that always stayed the same: the car snacks, specifically rice krispie treats. My dad has a sweet tooth so he would always pack a huge box of it in the car and we would snack on it during the ride. Inspired by a Golden Grahams recipe on Betty and all the rice krispie treats I ate as a kid, I wanted to make a snack/dessert bar. Because I love marshmallows, I wanted to make something that was more about the marshmallows and less about the chocolate.


Instead of using mini marshmallows (the traditional marshmallow size for most cereal bar recipes), I used regular sized ones so there’s little chunks of un-melted, un-softened marshmallow bits in the bars.


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Have some fun with Medicine!


Have some fun with Medicine!

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